My name is Nicholas Buer and I am a landscape photographer and timelapse cinematographer. I have always been at my happiest when outdoors. I love all climates from the cold of the arctic to the dry heat of the desert and I adore the feeling I get from being alone with nature. Photography is my way attempting to capture this essence, to encapsulate this feeling. My work has taken me to some of the most remote and beautiful parts of this planet as I strive to capture the atmosphere and beauty of the places I visit. Always chasing the light into the night.

Landscape photography requires a lot of dedication, research and planning. Behind every successful shot there are usually many failures but mistakes are so important. Without them we would never learn.


I am also a keen amateur astronomer and gazing up at the night sky has always filled me with a sense of wonder. Since advancements in DSLR technology I have been able to capture the night sky in a way I previously thought impossible and ever since my first successful capture of the milky way, I have been hooked.

I have shot footage for the BBC, Discovery Channel, SKY, The Weather Channel and various blue chip companies as well as having my films shared on sites such as National Geographic, Gizmodo, SPACE, MSN, Discovery News and more.

If you would like to chat about a project you have in mind, please get in touch via my contact page, or you can email me at contact@nicholasbuer.com

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