Nicholas Buer: Landscape/night sky photographer and timelapse cinematographer.


For me, the key to a happy life is a simple one; to find a good balance between pursuing our passions and spending time with the people who make us smile.


I am available for commissions worldwide and all my photography/footage is licensable. If you would like to talk about a project you have in mind please get in touch via my contact page, or you can email me at contact@nicholasbuer.com


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Travel Projects:

Travel projects are a mixture of personal adventures combined with commissioned work. There is so much to see in the world but at the same time, it’s never good to rush. Therefore I often visit the same country multiple times if I can.  Some of my travel projects showcase images from opposite ends of the same country and others, for the time being, will only showcase a small part.


Mini Projects:

Mini projects use subjects or ideas that may not naturally fit into a conventional landscape portfolio. Sometimes they are undertaken at a single location in a few hours, other times they are captured over a longer period of time from multiple locations but the constant is that they all have a single theme behind them.



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